Cleansing + smudging incense / sage
Cleansing + smudging incense / sage
Cleansing + smudging incense / sage
Cleansing + smudging incense / sage

Cleansing + smudging incense / sage

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Use these smudging tools to cleanse and purify your home, office and crystals. The sacred ritual of purifying with smoke comes from native people in both North and South America. Gently blow upon the glowing embers to produce smoke.

Sold individually.

Choose from:

Smudging shell pack: Glistening abalone shell dish (6-8cm) and one pack of mixed loose white and blue sage. The shell is polished by hand to a high gloss finish which reveals the unique iridescent colours for which New Zealand Paula shell are famous. The shell is natural polished on the inside and rough on the outside. Two types of white sage are used in the pack - California white sage and blue sage both sustainably sourced. Place a small amount of sage in the dish, light it up and allow the smoke to cleanse your space. Perfect for a bathroom to cleanse the air quickly.

White sage smudging stick: Bundled in string, these white sage smudge sticks are made from sustainably sourced California White Sage. One stick should last you many cleansing rituals.

Incense pack: Either 15g palo santo incense sticks, or 10 palo santo cones, or 10 white sage cones. One box.

Burning palo santo wood sticks is unsustainable to our environment so we recommend using these incense sticks instead. Palo Santo incense sticks have a rare and woody fragrance. Palo Santo fragrance is aids concentration, provides a sense of clarity and fights negativity. It also acts as an excellent insect repellent. Since the time of the Incas, the fragrant palo santo tree has been harvested by shamans in Peru and Ecuador, who use its essential oils or smoke to cleanse away evil spirits

Ethically sourced. Sustainably harvested in compliance with CA PC384a.

This Cleansing + smudging incense / sage is from Australian gift, decor and crystal shop, Long Island Trader. If you have any questions about Cleansing + smudging incense / sage, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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