Crystal styling in your living room

Crystal styling in your living room

There are many crystals you could use in your living room. Add a large geode or cluster on books on a coffee table or group smaller crystals on a tray. Add your stones to any shelf in a bookcase for a touch of natural, earthy décor.

We suggest starting with:

  • Amethyst is the master of calm and perfect for a living space. It soothes anxiety and stress, whilst cooling excessive emotions for a relaxed living room space.
  • Clear Quartz is powerful cleansing crystal and works to help with healing. This crystal is perfect for lifting your mood and making you feel better. A clear quartz cave or geode will become a beautiful centrepiece of your display.
  • Apophyllite is a high vibrational crystal is ideal for bringing positivity and uplifting energy to a social living room. It's also easy to style in all homes with it's neutral colours.
  • Hematite has grounding properties, helping you feel aligned and centered while also absorbing negative energy. It can also be used to amplify self-confidence and courage. 
  • Shungite is an important stone for the home. Unlike any other stone on Earth, this stone, found only in Russia, can absorb and neutralize the electromagnetic radiation (EMF) put out by electronic devices. 
  • Fluorite on your coffee table will bring balance and harmony to the space. Having it in the living room will cultivate an air of grounded positivity that is perfect for harmonious get togethers and relaxing night’s in.
  • Sodalite can help you express things in the best way possible. Because of this, it’s said to be effective in ending disagreements. And Sodalite can also be used for calmness and tranquility.

The use of any of these crystals in your living space will help to create a relaxing living space while promoting positive energy. 


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