Statement agate crystal pieces

We offer a spectacular range of unique agate crystal specimens, all natural, one of a kind, rare and beautiful. Whether you’re looking for specific healing properties, something to cleanse a room, or a striking interior design statement, we can help. Our curated collection of crystals are hand-picked and ethically sourced from around the world. All crystals at Long Island Trader are carefully chosen with an eye for detail and quality, and geologist mineral expertise. We'll help you select the best crystals for your collection. Whilst each crystal has typical healing properties, your intuitive pull ultimately determines what crystal is right for you. Trust yourself x

Agate crystals in your home:

A striking crystal for display in your home, agate geodes and slices can be used in various ways. Slices make excellent display trays to group smaller crystals, candles and trinkets. Agate is a powerful healing and grounding stone, imparting a sense of strength and acceptance. It can enhance the effects of other crystals around it. Agate crystal is best in the part of your home that most needs energy replenishment and gentle healing such as a busy family lounge room.