Apophyllite + Stilbite

Statement Zeolite, Apophyllite + Stilbite crystal pieces

Zeolite crystals include Apophyllite, Larimar, Okenite, Prehnite, and Stilbite. We offer a spectacular range of unique zeolite crystal specimens, all natural, one of a kind, rare and beautiful. Whether you’re looking for specific healing properties, something to cleanse a room, or a striking interior design statement, we can help. Our curated collection of crystals are hand-picked and ethically sourced from around the world. All crystals at Long Island Trader are carefully chosen with an eye for detail and quality, and geologist mineral expertise. We'll help you select the best crystals for your collection. Whilst each crystal has typical healing properties, your intuitive pull ultimately determines what crystal is right for you. Trust yourself x

Apophyllite crystals in your home:

At Long Island Trader, we adore Apophyllite clusters. Not only is it a great crystal for healing, but it's beauty shines in your decor. As a neutral coloured crystal it suits all homes. Apophyllite crystal clusters have alluring sparkle and add great texture to your coffee table or bookcase. Apophyllite is a high energy crystal that will raise the vibration of any space - the perfect crystal statement for a social living room.  

Stilbite crystals in your home:

Soft and subtle, stilbite crystal is like a magnificent piece of coral for a coastal home. It's colours are divine: soft peachy pinks, moss green, earthy blacks, and stunning ivory. With a calmer lighter sparkle, stilbite is more subtle than quartz. It is very grounding in your decor. Stilbite is a delicate crystal, that helps to open the heart. It’s calming influence brings inner peace and stillness into your space.