Collection: Crystal natural homewares, geodes + caves

Crystal geodes, cathedrals + display caves

We offer a spectacular range of unique crystal caves, crystal cathedrals and crystal geodes. A crystal geode holds and amplifies energy within.  The cave-like shape and many crystal points diffuse and amplify energy, allowing it to flow slowly and evenly into your home. 

Crystal geode caves are formed over millions of years. After a volcano has erupted and the lava cools, it formed bubbles which become air pockets filled with minerals. Over millions of years, these pockets create beautiful crystals which we refer to as geode caves or crystal cathedrals.

Whether you’re looking for specific healing properties, something to cleanse a room, or a striking interior design statement, we can help. Our range includes larger crystals for your home and smaller pieces to keep by your side. Our curated collection of crystal caves and geodes are hand-picked and ethically sourced from around the world. All crystals at Long Island Trader are carefully chosen with an eye for detail and quality, and geologist mineral expertise. We'll help you select the best crystals for your collection.

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