How to cleanse your crystals

How to cleanse your crystals

Crystals can absorb negative energy (and dust) so here's how to keep your statement crystal pieces looking and working their best in your home.

1. Dusting your crystals:

Use a makeup brush to dust off the dirt, it's soft and able to get in between cluster shards easily. Polished crystals can be wiped with a cloth.

2. Moonlight crystal cleansing:

Recharge and cleanse your crystals by placing them outside or on a window sill overnight during the full moon or the new moon. This is the easiest method of cleansing, and safe for all crystals. 

3. Smoke crystal cleansing:

Pass your crystal through the rising smoke of sacred herbs such as sage, cedar and lavender or palo santo incense sticks. A study published in 2007 in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology showed that the smoke produced from burning sage is able “to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.”

4. Water crystal cleansing:

Clean and cleanse your crystal by holding it under fresh tap water, a waterfall, the rain or take it to the beach and hold it in the ocean. Just be careful that your crystals isn’t water-soluble. Generally any type is quartz is fine in water.

BEWARE: Any crystals with names ending in ‘ite’ is generally a NO go in water crystal – Pyrite, Selenite, Celesitite, Angelite, Amazonite, Malachite, Fluorite, Labradorite etc. Also avoid any crystals with cinnabar (like bumble bee jasper etc), aluminum (like ruby, tourmaline, turquoise, topaz etc) or copper (like chryscholla) going near water.

5. Selenite crystal cleansing:

Selenite is known for cleansing and recharging other crystals just by being near them. Never needing to be cleansed itself, you can use Selenite as your personal charging port, making your home and your body feel cleaner and calmer. We have selenite charging plates available for purchase.

6. Clear quartz crystal cleansing:

Clear quartz is known for cleansing and recharging other crystals just by being near them. We have clear quartz clusters available for purchase.

7. Earth crystal cleansing:

Bury your crystal in dry soil for a week to a month. Crystals love to be grounded. However, be aware of moisture, some crystals are water-soluble and may begin to dissolve if the earth is too wet, such as Selenite.

8. Sound crystal cleansing:

Sound waves can be used to cleanse your crystals. Traditionally in sound healing a quartz crystal singing bowl is used, but any percussion instrument can be used. Drums, triangles and bells can create cleansing vibrations.

9. Brown rice crystal cleansing:

Leave your crystals in a bowl of brown rice over night (just like your phone when you drop it in water). Discard the rice after use – no need to add bad juju to your dinner.

10. Salt crystal cleansing:

Leave your crystals in a bowl of sea salt for 1 hour. Salt can be quite abrasive to polished crystals, so take care. Discard the salt after use – no need to add bad juju to your margaritas.

11. Sunlight crystal cleansing:

Bathe your crystals in sunlight outside for a few minutes only. Be cautious as sunlight can bleach the colour out of your crystals if you’re not careful. Fluorite, amethyst, citrine and rose quartz may lose their stunning colour if they spend too long in the sun. Clear quartz can magnify the sun’s rays and be a fire risk so keep an eye on it.

12. Touch crystal cleansing:

Native Americans believe that crystals will naturally energise themselves from our body's own energy field when they are picked up and handled. In this case, just set your intentions and give your rocks a squeeze or a loving touch. 

A good rule of thumb is to cleanse your crystals once a month, hence why the full moon method is easiest.

When you care for your crystals, you're practicing self care or self love. It allows you to be more mindful in your interactions with your crystals, with yourself, and with others. xx


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