How to use crystals in your decor

Technology is filling our homes, so interior designers are turning to statement crystals as a home decor must-have for instantly adding personality, balance energies and oozing opulent style.

Crystals are the natural way to bring positive energy and personality to your home. When choosing crystals, find one that speaks to you (or you can't take your eye off). Decorating and staging crystals throughout your home allows you to connect with mother nature and enjoy the therapeutic effect that has on your soul. Crystals not only look beautiful when styled but also offer a natural centrepiece to any space that promotes balance and calm. Keeping a stone at the heart of your home is a constant reminder to decompress and take a mindful moment.


  • Citrine crystals placed on a hall table near the door will welcome abundance. 
  • Clear Quartz, Stilbite and Apophyllite clusters on a coffee table in the living area enhance harmony. 
  • Stress relieving Amethyst is ideal for generating a relaxing, rejuvenating space in your living area. 
  • Agate crystal is best in the part of your home that most needs energy replenishment and gentle healing such as a busy family lounge room.
  • A beautiful set of crystal bookends can tidy up a bookshelf and add an air of sophistication to the styling of your display. 


  • Carnelian or citrine crystal in the kitchen deliver confidence, boost creativity, and stimulate motivation. 
  • Sodalite candles will fuel harmonious conversations at your dining table. 
  • If your dining room gets heated at times with family discussions, try adding an agate tray or candle to the table or buffet to gently heal and replenish the energy in the room.


  • Place a Rose Quartz rough stone and an Amethyst cluster together on your bedside table to balance the yin and yang energy of your relationship. 
  • To enhance romance place two Rose Quartz crystals by your bed.
  • Selenite charging plate or lamp is a must-have for restful sleep. 
  • Calm your children with a Smoky Quartz cluster in their bedroom to absorb overactive energy.
  • A crystal ring tray has a luxuriously high end look for your bedroom or bathroom.


  • Cleanse your spirit at the same time as you cleanse your body with Clear Quartz or selenite crystals placed on the bathroom bench or window sill, just be careful they don't refract too much light. 
  • Rose quartz crystal in the bathroom will remind you to indulge in self-care. 


  • When distractions arise, Clear quartz will help you stay focused.
  • Pyrite crystal on your desk in the study or home office will promote ideas, opportunities and confidence. 
  • Selenite is an incredible stone for clearing out any negativity, stress, or tension. 
  • Fluorite brings mental clarity and supports both hemispheres of your brain to work together harmoniously.
  • Labradorite will draw inspiration and help to calm an overactive mind. 
  • Keep natural stones or crystals as paperweights and bookends.
  • Aquamarine can assist with quick intellectual response and bring inner peace.
  • A polished crystal on your desk can be used as a ‘worry stone’, massage object for brainstorming. 
  • Put a crystal by any tech device in your office. Clear quartz is recommended, but it must be cleansed frequently.

Finally, chose crystals that give you a good vibe, and place them where you feel they need to sit. Perhaps the light hits in the right way so they sparkle more, or they suit a specific spot on your display. I know it sounds kooky but your crystals will talk to you if you listen. xx  

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