Mixing old and new decor and furniture

Mixing old and new decor

The most liveable, inspiring homes combine old and new pieces to give each room an effortless sense of having been assembled over time.

Adding treasures that tell a story is a great way to introduce character and depth to your interior. But creating a balance so that the room looks elegant (rather than untidy), can be challenging.

Here's some tips to help you create the home of your dreams:

  • Stick to a neutral or two tone colour scheme. The more colours you add, the harder it is to get the balance right. 
  • Your antique finds will look artfully curated if displayed within a group of items, some modern, some old. Bookcases are ideal for a mix of modern pieces and antique treasures.
  • Add soul and personality. Find something symbolic to add to each room in your home. A framed photograph, an heirloom pot, an empty wine bottle turned into a vase, a piece of pottery made by your child at school. Adding one or two symbolic items grouped with a few of your new favourite decor pieces will give your space a lived-in feel, without creating clutter.  
  • Add plants. Plants clean the air and can create a calming aura.  
  • Your crystals will blend right in with your modern decor if you select larger statement crystal pieces. The size will add impact, create texture, and earthiness.
  • Combine old and new items in the same colour for a subtle contrast.
  • A bunch of smaller crystals or antique trinkets will be best displayed in a bowl or on a tray. This container removes the idea of clutter.
  • If you do want to add colour, it’s best to think bold so it doesn’t get lost. A pop of red  to ignite fire and passion. A blast of sea blue to create calm. Colour can tie your old and new items together, especially if using brass or gold.
  • Group your decor pieces to allow the individual charm of each to be appreciated, remember to create a zone, add height and add texture to the group. 
As one of Australia's top stylists, Jason Grant says "I love mixing new with old, designer with vintage finds and adding finds from nature. ..... I’m always impressed by those who pay little attention to trends and decorate from the heart instead. .... I believe spaces should not only look great but feel great, places can be beautifully styled but can still lack soul."

    The most important rule in decorating is, do you LOVE it. This will evolve over time, your home will change as you do. Each room, zone, area, space should make you feel content, happy, at peace. It's your space, uniquely for you, what works for one won't work for another. So trust your instincts. xx

    Photo: JASON GRANT


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